The Risen Christ is Know Initially by His Wounds

From the forthcoming study guide to Philippians (from my company, Energion Publications), in commenting on Philippians 1:27-30:

Even now in our time, we can take confidence in Paul’s assertion that God is with us and that, in life and death, and celebration and persecution, Christ sustains us. We are resurrection people. But, our lives are also cruciform or cross-shaped. The Risen Jesus is known initially by his wounds, and we too may experience suffering and loss as a result of our relationship with Christ. Still, at the end of the day, integrity, fidelity, and the promise of resurrection life  far outweigh any trials of this lifetime.

Update: The author of the book is Bruce Epperly.

(Excerpts from this forthcoming study guide are used by permission of the author as I edit the book. If you’re interested in reviewing this book, slated for a July 31 release, e-mail pubs@energion.com.)

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