Quote of the Day – Way of Christ vs Way of Caesar

Quote of the Day – Way of Christ vs Way of Caesar

From the forthcoming participatory study guide to Philippians, by Bruce Epperly:

The way of Christ differs markedly from the way of Caesar, who was also worshipped as a deity. Christ’s peace is based on non-violence and inclusion, while Caesar’s peace is based on the sword and subjugation.

(Used by permission.)

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Way of Christ vs Way of Caesar

  1. Christ’s peace is the kingdom of God, both future and present. Jesus didn’t establish the kingdom on abstract principles (non-violence or inclusion) but on specific acts in history. Some of those events exhibit a vulnerable and humble love for all. Some of those events, however exhibit love for all in authoritative, kingdom-present-now (i.e.. miraculous) power. His life culminates in his crucifixion and resurrection. It is BOTH events that firmly establish his present and future reign. For me, the quote not only turns specific events into abstract principles, it also misses half of the equation.

    And while it only establishes a proximate, temporary peace, cities like Atlanta and Kansas City need Caesar’s sword. It is a failure of love to leave the poor and vulnerable prey to thieves and murderers.

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