Fun (or Weird) Facts about Me

Well, since Dave started it, and everybody else is doing it, I thought I’d provide a few facts about myself. I’m following Dave’s list except where it’s inapplicable

  • My favorite food is … broccoli. Really. The only way you can make me avoid it is by overcooking it.
  • I cannot stomach … okra.
  • My favorite TV show is … The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.
  • In my spare time I … read, light reading being science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries.
  • One word used to describe me when growing up … extreme introvert.
  • One word used to describe me today … active.
  • If I had a million dollars I’d … so many needs could be fulfilled, I couldn’t even list them. I get requests every day.
  • I send this many emails each day … 25-30 (should be more!).
  • Being a publisher/editor is … challenging.
  • My favorite book that I’ve written is … When People Speak for God.
  • My (earthly) hero is … my uncle Don Neufeld who got me started in biblical languages.
  • My favorite theologian is … Paul Tillich, even though I often disagree; I steal his vocabulary all the time.
  • I went to high school at … I’m a high school drop out.
  • My favorite spot on earth is … Sacajawea Peak, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon. I’ve only been there once.
  • If I wasn’t a publisher I would be… a teacher (if I could keep the job!).
  • My favorite Bible verse is … Jeremiah 18 (really).
  • My favorite pet is … currently I have only one, our cat, Cheena, but my favorite pet of all time was my goat Carroway, part of my herd of four when I was 12.
  • My favorite commentary on Leviticus is by … Jacob Milgrom.
  • I am embarrassed that I … can’t keep appointments straight.
  • I used to teach at … Country Garden School (elementary), while I was a college student.
  • I was a substitute teacher …  for a full two weeks for first graders in their first two weeks of the year–never again!.
  • Jody and I honeymooned in … North Carolina.
  • Our first mission trip together was to … eastern Hungary, serving children from the Ukraine.
  • My first mission trip ever … was on foot (cargo on two mules!) in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico when I was 8 years old. My job was to carry out the garbage and sweep floors for the medical team.
  • My first journal article appeared in … no journal articles. My first paid publication was an article in The Traveler’s Journal, regarding role playing. It’s even online now. (There’s nothing academic about it!)
  • I was once asked to … become the theological librarian for a seminary.
  • After completing my MA in Religion (concentrating in Biblical Languages), and one quarter post masters I … joined the U. S. Air Force.
  • Before I joined the Air Force, I lived … three countries, 5 states and 16 houses/apartments (that I remember)
  • In the Air Force … I was stationed at only one base for nine years after completing training.
  • Once they get to know me, most people are surprised that … I play war games, but am abysmal at chess.
  • Most people don’t know that I … really enjoy tinkering with old computer hardware and just about any electronic equipment. If I didn’t have work to do, I’d rather tinker than have working equipment.
  • I have never been in … Australia. And I want to go.
  • The number of states in the U.S. I’ve been in is … 42.
  • While in high school I made … spent all my time reading and traveling around Guyana, South America. Thus I have 2 1/2 credits by correspondence, and eventually took a GED.

OK, that’s probably TMI. 🙂

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