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My desk at studySince I got started with some personal notes yesterday, perhaps I’m now in the groove, or is it a rut?

Those who know me quickly become aware that I work best just short of chaos. Well, some would actually claim that I cross over into chaos. The fact is that an excessively organized workspace (in appearance) makes me twitch. On the other hand, there is a point that gets beyond my toleration, and that is usually when all my flat surfaces get covered.

I frequently take in dead computers, or even reasonably functioning machines that are just too old for their owners. Recently, I received a huge number from a client of my computer business and so for a period of time I had more than 20 computers, eight printers, and innumerable accessories from Computer for Top of the Bottom Ministrycables to mice. The machines took up all my flat space, not to mention all my floor space. I actually have two workstations (monitors, keyboards, network connection available) but of course there was much more than would fit in and around them.

I have finally gotten far enough through the process of dividing what can be salvaged from what will be recycled, and I recovered my desk (picture at top left). From all of this, I managed to salvage three working systems that I will deliver to Top of the Bottom Ministry, an inner city ministry here in Pensacola. They’re just Windows XP systems with 512 MB each, but they will be useful where they are going. In addition, I rescued five printers out of the mess, so those will head out soon as well. Then will come the day when I load the rest into my van and haul it all off to recycling.

Oh, and the picture at the bottom right is one of the machines at a workstation being prepared for its new home.

Both pictures were taken with my Palm Pixi.


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