Would This Be Bibliolatry?

Red Letter Christians has a post titled “Is This Any Way to Treat a Bible?” which tells how a high school teacher, on seeing a student’s heavily marked Bible, held it up to the class and asked that question. The article that follows is excellent.

I would think a more relevant question would be “Is that any way to treat a student?”

But that aside, I would certainly attract the wrath (and sarcasm) of this teacher. My Greek New Testament is heavily marked, and it’s the replacement for one that I used until it fell apart. I collect Bible editions and many of them have such markings, though none so many as the Greek and Hebrew Bibles I carry with me.

More importantly, I think this displays an inappropriate emphasis on the form. The book is holy as an object, not because of its contents. The marking shows a deep interest in the contents, but the teacher misses that point, and sees only the “desecration” of the object.

Idolatry? Probably too strong a word, but it unfortunately points in that direction.


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  1. travis says:

    People so often focus on the wrong things! The fact that the student was READING his bible (a must in order to write in it!) should have been something to make the teacher proud.

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