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I’ve been even more irregular than usual in my blogging over the last couple of months. My excuse is that my company, Energion Publications, has been going through a transition which has kept me incredibly busy.

The transition is a good one. We were in a position to improve some of our equipment and tools and to add a couple of people as contractors to do some additional work. We now have a new copy editor, and we confidently expect great improvement in the editorial process as well as in final quality assurance. In addition, someone is working on Kindle conversions and will be moving to epub conversions for Nook, Google Editions, and the iBookstore. I had been trying to catch up with those, but with the production schedule, I was unable to do so. We saw the first release of the new Kindle editions yesterday, Rite of Passage for the Home and Church.

New tools include this new laptop I’m using to post this, as well as an upgraded desktop. Both items were very essential, as their predecessors were getting very old. In terms of tools, while we’re still using open source software, such as OpenOffice, GIMP, and Scribus for some things, I now have InDesign and Photoshop available to speed the process in many cases. I’ll be posting something about working with these tools over on my computer services blog. Don’t get the idea that I dislike any of the open source options. For what they do, they are good, but anyone who has had to lay out entire books (with footnotes!) will know the benefits of InDesign, I suspect. We’ve had contractors who have these items. Now I have them on my desktop as well.

My hope is that having both the tools and the people will give me time to work more on my own writing and also to blog more regularly. Speaking of which, I feel a couple of blog posts coming on.


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