Thanks so much for your kind words! I share your concern about consistency, and I wonder if the apparent lack thereof in The Voice is due (on some level) to the translators’ expressed desire to “preserve the unique voices of the original biblical authors” (per I will say, though, that even if some inconsistency could be explained this way, not all of it could; there should still be consistent guidelines for the translators with regard to what material (if any) is italicized.

I wish I was as well-versed in the biblical languages as you are; I have some background in Greek and Hebrew, but I am still a novice. I suppose that’s why I look so carefully at the translation team, though I won’t typically write off a translation completely based solely on that information (except in extreme circumstances). Most translation teams have sufficient checks, balances, and levels of review to ensure an accurate English translation of the text. My issue with The Voice is that the team extends beyond biblical scholarship, and incorporates musicians, poets, novelists, etc. In theory, the results of such collaboration could be promising; I just don’t know enough about how the process was conducted fully to trust the final result.

Again, thanks so much for your kind words, and your diligent efforts. I enjoy reading your thoughts, and look forward to your final conclusion! Blessings!