Running to Home Base (Becky Lynn Black)

Dave Black links to an essay from his wife Becky Lynn regarding dealing with cancer. She believes that she’s on the home stretch. A taste:

My goal has always been to display Christ to know His calling in the midst of dealing with cancer. We have dealt with cancer as stewards for the Lord Jesus.

I empathize with Dave and Becky a great deal, because as I read their emails and blog posts I recall the summer of 2004 when James was on his run to home. That final story began when Jody was in Hungary leading a mission team, and she got to hear of the return of James’s cancer via e-mail.

But the biggest struggle is not with cancer, as Becky notes. I would mention fear, which takes away your life while you’re still alive. Treasure the moments you have.

One accusation made against Christians is that we’re weak and require Jesus as a crutch in order to get through life. I don’t argue with that. I’m weak. Without Jesus, I wouldn’t have made it. I understand that others handle these things without that comfort and hope, but I confess that I am too weak to do that.

I pray that the Lord be especially near to Dave and Becky at this time and with all who are in need.

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