Speaking of How Not to Criticize

John MacArthur has a conference starting tomorrow. Here’s how he talks about the charismatic movement:

I recently wrote an article titled Nobody Is above Question. Now I’m questioning Dr. John MacArthur in the way he is challenging others.

This is precisely the opposite of the philosophy I have for my company, Energion Publications (mission statement here). I believe we must all be prepared to learn from one another. I do think much charismatic Bible study is much too shallow. Those of us who are charismatic (and I count myself in that number), should be ready to learn from our Baptist brethren to spend more time, and more serious time, in the word. But there are so many more things we can learn from one another if we spend less time condemning and more time listening.

In a comment I suggested that we need to learn to show grace while still upholding truth. Neither element can be lost.

PS: Michael Brown has responded in Charisma Magazine.

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  1. As I re-read this after posting, I want to affirm that yes, I do think this includes learning from Dr. MacArthur as well. I am opposed, no, strongly opposed to what he has said here, but nonetheless I may learn from him.

  2. Chris Heard says:

    Sadly, when I clicked through to the article on Charisma News, one of the sidebars pointed to another Charisma News article entitled “This Is What Heretical, Counterfeit Christianity in Action Looks Like.” That article condemned an Anglican preacher as “sinning” and practicing “heretical, counterfeit Christianity” for speaking out against homophobia and heterosexism. Commenters piled on to aver that the preacher in question is “not a Christian.” Sad that one columnist on the site faults MacArthur for using techniques that another columnist on the same site employs against a liberal Anglican. Broadsides against liberal or progressive Christians are no better than broadsides against charismatic Christians. To clarify, I am not tarring you with that brush, Henry, just noting that there’s plenty of incivility to go around.

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