Next Week’s Bible Study

Next Week’s Bible Study

Our first try didn’t go that well. I spent a couple of hours talking to folks about technical issues. You ned to have Google hangouts working. If you want I can test it with you sometime before the study.

This coming week we’ll be studying for proper 11A, and we have selected Isaiah 44:6-8, Psalm 139 (I prefer reading the whole Psalm), Romans 8:12-25, and Matthew 24:24-30, 36-43.

Jody has already posted our lead question:

Can we, and should we, distinguish the weeds and wheat in our lives and experience?

Focus on the meaning of the wheat and weeds in our gospel passage. What do these represent in the parable?

There are quite a number of ways to approach the Lectionary passages in a study. We could choose a specific passage to study, for example. What we’ve chosen to do is to focus on a theme that is touched on in the various passages.

I see some help with our question from Psalm 139. Who really knows? Who really knows who is what? I see a similar theme in Matthew 7:1 and Matthew 7:15-20. Where and when does each instruction apply?

Join us this coming Monday at 7 pm central time. I’ll post an invitation to all my circles on my Google+ page about a half an hoir before we start.

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