The Lively Inspiration of Scripture

The Lively Inspiration of Scripture

A Living Bible. Process theology affirms the lively inspiration of scripture. God was at work in the communities that shaped our written scriptures and in the various writers who penned the library of texts we call the Bible. Profoundly historical, biblical inspiration varies from verse to verse and chapter to chapter. Some biblical messages have universal applicability; others are time bound and, frankly, no longer relevant to our current scientific, ethical, and theological understandings

. (Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God, 19)

This is from the material we will be discussing in The Way Sunday School class at First UMC Pensacola tomorrow.

We’ve completed our study of Ecclesiastes, and are moving to the opposite end of the theological spectrum with this new book. We’ll spend two weeks on this small book, and then we’ve decided to continue with a study of my book When People Speak for God.

One of the goals of this class is to look at a variety of viewponts, learn and evaluate.

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