I intend to visit this more as I blog through the series. Where, for example, do I get off calling pews “unbiblical”? It’s quite true I don’t like them, but if you search this blog you’ll find places where I comment negatively on using the term “unbiblical.” Further, I attend a church with pews, where Dave preached two days after we recorded the interview. Yet more further (!) I agree with Dave on baptism. My view is immersion for someone who has made a conscious decision, though I also think it should be immediate. But I attend a church where the dominant practice is baptism by sprinkling as an infant.

Speaking for myself, as I will be throughout this series of blog posts, I do not expect study under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to produce uniformity. In interviewing David Moffett-Moore oin prayer the other evening (video embedded below), I was struck by his point that there are seven billion people and God can relate to each one differently. My suspicion is that God is not aiming for uniformity. Now I’m a mere human. I’m likely to argue forcefully for my obviously well-refined and truly important ideas! 🙂