Dave and Becky Black

The Testimony of Becky Lynn Black

Dave and Becky Black
Dave and Becky Black

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of Becky Lynn Black’s homegoing. Dave has been posting some testimonies on his web site. I never met Becky, so I can’t relate personal experiences. But there is a way for me (and others) to learn from her.

I’m going to post my publisher’s foreword to her book My Life Story. I rarely write a foreword to a book as a publisher, but I am always delighted to publish a book that gives someone’s testimony. Theology is interesting. I consider Bible study to be of great importance. But sharing our experiences is, I think, of the greatest value.

A publisher’s foreword is intended to tell you why I published this book and why you should read it. I’m going to skip that. I want to tell you why you should act on it.

Becky Lynn Black was not the sort of person normally recognized in an autobiography. She wasn’t the head of a ministry. She didn’t lead a church order. She wasn’t a celebrity. But by the way God counts importance in His kingdom, she was extraordinary. She found the one thing that counts, her place as a servant. She said “yes” to Jesus Christ, and she knew that “yes” meant more than a ticket to heaven. It meant a life of service in answer to God’s call.

Toward the end of her pilgrimage (and she knew she was a pilgrim!) here on earth, she took the time and energy to tell her story, the story of God working in and through her to change many lives all over the world. She gave her witness to her creator and redeemer. The psalmist challenges us not to hide God’s great deeds from generations to come (Ps. 78:4), and Becky obeyed. I’ve spent a great deal of time reading and thinking about Hebrews 11, the honor roll of faith, as it’s often called. If you read the stories of these people, you’ll find they’re quite a varied lot. But they have one thing in common: When God called, they answered. In the end, it could be said for that one reason that “[t]he world wasn’t worthy of them” (Heb. 11:38).

Of course I want you to read this book. But what’s most important is that you act on it. And when you have acted, bear witness, whether to one or to thousands.

Will you answer God’s call?

Henry E. Neufeld
February 6, 2014

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