Gardening: A Small Encouraging Result

I have in my aging mind this idea that a younger me—say early teens—was a reasonably good gardener. Present activities do not support this, unless I have lost all the talent over the years. My garden has been very good as relaxing activity. It has gotten me out of doors more so that I get more exercise. What it has not done is produce much food. I did get some radish greens to add to my salads when I thinned the radishes, but thus far my actual radishes are not looking that good.

Today, however, when I went to water the garden, I was greeted by this:

20151116_081416That’s one of my lemon cucumber plants and it’s the first blossom. I planted these in four groups. Three of them are doing some good, and this is the best one. It looks like I may have a few more blossoms soon. Who knows if there will be cucumbers?

I found that little yellow flower encouraging this morning, way beyond any objective value or importance. I’d like to encourage the encouragers: It doesn’t take major, earth-shattering activities to brighten up someone’s morning. So many of you have just spoken the right word at the right time, and I truly appreciate it.

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  1. bobmacdonald says:

    Hey Henry – bravo. The only thing (well one thing) a garden is good for is watching the plants grow. Enjoy

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