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Penal Substitution is ONE of the Ways to Talk about the Atonement

I think The Truth Is … Out There on the Wesley Bros. Blog did a good job of expressing this.

To my liberal brothers and sisters: Yes, I do believe in penal substitution.

To my conservative brothers and sisters: No, I don’t believe in it as the one and only way to believe in or discuss the atonement.

One of the ways. Your mileage may differ. In fact, I hope it does.

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  1. Chris Eyre says:

    I can’t believe in PSA myself, because it entails me needing to believe things about God which I am certain are wrong, and which (for me) would make God into a monster. However, there are some people I know (mostly in recovery communities) for whom the only atonement theory which can gain traction in their thinking is PSA. That’s the one thing which stops me condemning PSA outright.

    1. Isn’t a metaphor in one sense something that connects an idea to a person or persons? So the value of the metaphor is in the connection/communication.

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