Self-Demonstrating Statements

Self-Demonstrating Statements

Well, only if you blog them.

Yesterday I wrote about checking the truth of what we post on social media, (though I was more interested in us checking the truth of what we share about one another personally), and today I note that a post by Ed Brayton (Dispatches from the Culture Wars), written by a liberal urging liberals not to share/quote certain (types of) sources (Please Stop Sharing Links to These Sites), now has 581 comments (It’s 10:30 am central time). Most of these comments clearly demonstrate the problem that Ed is talking about. (Mental Health Warning: Read only a judiciously selected small portion of these comments.)

And since I know I have both conservative and liberal readers, and many that defy classification, if you’re nodding your head about the liberal sites, be aware that there are plenty of conservative sites that behave likewise. The names aren’t the key. It’s the behavior and the content.

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