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Paul’s Gospel or Another Gospel, Part 2

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This is the unintended second part of last week’s discussion, since I didn’t even come close to completing the material. We’ll be launching from Galatians 5:6-9, but I had already discussed the content of those verses. Now we’ll be looking through Paul’s letters, including those attributed to him, but disputed by scholars, looking for the nature of the gospel according to Paul, and what might “another gospel” be.

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  1. bettyrae2 says:

    I was taken with the concept that there are a variety of metaphors, symbols, to illustrate truth. We need to see truth from many viewpoints, as truth is infinite. It is like a many faceted gem, which must be viewed from many angles. It follows then that each person who has been touched by the gospel will have something from a new perspective to teach me. And each time in history that a new light shines on the gospel, we shall see another facet of its beauty. Ellen White, one of my favorite spiritual writers, cautions that when we try to force every person into a certain mold of experience, we can cause them to doubt their own precious individual experience, and thus fall into darkness and doubt. The many perspectives of truth are illustrated by the 12 foundations of the Holy City, each one crafted from a different gem; each one having the name of one of the 12 apostles of the Lamb engraven upon it. 12 witnesses–each told the story from his own point of view. We see this manifested in the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. (The concept of the foundations of the Holy City came from another source, whom I greatly admire.)

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