As Everyone Trades Scripts

As Everyone Trades Scripts

I commented on Monday that there was no possibility I’d be happy with the result after election day. (Considering my previous post on probability, perhaps I should have said <0.1%!) I can now tell you that I’m approximately as unhappy as I expected to be. My unhappiness will probably have dissipated to ordinary levels by the time I complete this post.

One of the things I find very frustrating is the way people change scripts. We saw it happen with who liked and who hated FBI director Comey during the election. (FWIW, I think the man is to be admired.) We’ve seen it as the senate and presidency changes hands with regard to confirming justices. Before Tuesday, it was very bad for the Senate to block judicial appointments according to one party. I’m guessing that it will still be bad to do so, but now that will be according to the other party. Trade scripts.

Here’s what I would like to ask. I’ve lived through a few presidents, and I have friends of very different political persuasions. During the George W. Bush administration, my more liberal friends disrespected then President Bush. After that, for eight years, my conservative friends disrespected President Obama. In both cases, I have done my best to refer to the office and the person holding it with respect, even when disagreeing vehemently with that officeholder.

Is there any chance that we could do that with President-Elect Trump, to be President Trump following the inauguration? As I said above, I was unhappy with the choices, and could hardly be anything but unhappy with the result. I will very likely criticize policies espoused by President Trump. I disagree vigorously with him on a wide variety of topics, and will doubtless say so. But I hope to always refer to him respectfully when I do so. I may not be feeling very respectful. I certainly do not respect many of the policies he has proposed during the election.

There is one president of the United States. Those who say, “Not my president,” are not simply wrong, they are part of the problem. Another script that will be swapped will be which party is the party of “no.” Someone has to be first in trying to work together.

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  1. Here’s why it’s different with Trump: He’s run his entire campaign through the lens of white anger. As a result he has not just tolerated, but incited acts of violence against people of color. I am an adoptive parent with three children who could become targets. The school president at my alma mater has also adopted nonwhite children, and recently he awoke to death threats written on the sidewalk.

    Until Trump repents of his race-baiting and makes a genuine attempt at reconciliation, it’s not possible for me to respect him, the office of the presidency, or even the nation that elected him. The stakes are too high.

    1. Bruce – your last paragraph is not a biblical response. We are commanded to respect, honor, and pray for those in authority over us regardless. Every authority in our life is placed there by God.

    2. I would say that respect is required precisely because this is too important. Respect of the office and respectful address of the person does not mean respect for the ideas. I am disgusted by many of the ideas and by the way the president-elect expresses them. That’s just another reason not to do as he does.

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