Dave Black on the Election

One of the things that has disturbed me most about this election is justifications of bad behavior by those who claim to be conservative Christians. No, this is not behavior exclusive to them, but in this election it has been particularly clear. It was surprising to me. People I thought were truly about moral and ethical behavior, even if I often disagreed with their positions, have seemed to throw those positions overboard in exchange for the possibility of political power.

One person who has stood apart from this trend is my friend (and Energion author) David Alan Black. Dave reacted in a blog post today. Always gracious, yet firm, I strongly admire his principled, consistent position. With his [blanket] permission, I’ve extracted the post (his blog doesn’t facilitate linking to a particular entry) onto JesusParadigm.com. I chose a title for it: We Can Be the People Who Tell the Truth.

A taste:

… How can we defend a so-called “Christian” America that is hypocritical, homophobic, anti-immigrant, sexist, and bigoted? We can’t. Nor can we invoke a social gospel that ignores the personal gospel of faith in Christ….

Read the rest.

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