A Good Book Review – Running My Race

A Good Book Review – Running My Race

A good book review is not one that says nice things about the book, although nice is nice, so to speak. I occasionally read a positive review that makes me wonder whether the reviewer read the book. There are likewise negative reviews that make one wonder. As a publisher, I must take all these in stride.

A really good review, however, is one that shows the reader read the book and also got from it something the author and publisher had hoped to get across.

Thus a review of Running My Race (David Alan Black) on The Tired Blog. I was feeling fairly tired today, and then I read this review. It really cheered me up. If I can publish a few books each year that make readers uncomfortable, then I’m doing my job.

Of course, as publisher I’d also like to note that Running My Race is a good book! 🙂

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