We cannot cure the insanity of others.I am frequently amazed at how insane society is, and modern religion displays the corruption that an insane society brings. The problem is peer pressure, irrational violence, and general lack of thinking (aka stupidity?).

Society trains humans to solve their problems through swift action. “Lord, grant me patience; but I want it now!” Alexander “solved” the Gordian Knot by cutting it with a sword. That’s not a solution: That’s destroying creation. He was clueless about knots.

Society is materially based. Remember, God turned over the world to the Serpent at the Fall. You’d think that looking at history would cure churches of that problem, but it seems few people are willing to look at history. The church of medieval times was insanely obsessed with possessions and political power, and effectively destroyed every sign of spirituality they encountered. If the hierarchy could gain in power or wealth by accusing someone of heresy, they did. And the masses dared not question them.

We can’t cure “Christian” insanity: Those who profess to be Christian are almost entirely hypocritical, and lack understanding. “Few shall find the Way,” Jesus taught us. Don’t expect a large, prosperous church to guide your soul to God. That’s not how it’s done. Salvation comes from the recognition that God is within us, and then taking the time to seek Him.

What we CAN do, is work toward curing ourselves. Then let our light shine.