Questioning Omnipotence

Thus far I have interviewed three people regarding theodicy, or looked at from another direction, the problem of evil. You can follow the link for current interviews. Tomorrow, I will be interviewing Dr. Allan R. Bevere, retired United Methodist pastor for the fourth interview in the series. I have commitments for several more interviews.

One of the questions that I repeat in the interviews from multiple angles is that of omnipotence. Is God omnipotent? What does that mean?

Today I want to share a link to a brief essay from someone who does not believe God is omnipotent and does not believe the concept is scriptural, Dr. Thomas Jay Oord. He is suggesting the word “amipotent” instead. He is writing a(nother) book, but he offers this summary of the idea as it relates to scripture: Omnipotence Not in Scripture.

The most recent interviewee, Elgin L. Hushbeck, Jr. strongly affirmed omnipotence.

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