Advent Series at Energion

I’m sure all my readers know I own Energion Publications, and function as the CEO, now that we have a separate editor.

This Advent I’m putting a quote from a different book each day of Advent. Here is a list with a couple of notes.

  1. As we begin the series, Deborah L. Roeger reminds us that “hope is not an afterthought for one who is devoted to Christ.
  2. First week, 2nd day, Jody Neufeld reminds us to spend time with the Lord who is our hope.
  3. First week, 3rd day, Edward W. H. Vick affirms our resurrection hope.
  4. First week, 4th day, Bruce G. Epperly calls us to hopeful adventure.
  5. First week, 5th day, Ron Higdon reminds us of hope for everyone.
  6. First week, 6th day, Allan Bevere reminds us of the continuity of hope through Scripture and through time.
  7. First week, 7th day, Richard Voelz tells us of hope that comes through loss.
  8. First week, Bonus, Alden Thompson calls our attention to hope in prayer as we see characters in the Bible pray from weakness.
  9. Second Week, 1st day, David Alan Black says all Christians should work for peace.
  10. Second week, 2nd day, Bruce Epperly asks us what it is that we put our hope in.

There are many more to come, but this will give you an idea. Many of these books are on sale as well, so check out those that interest you.

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