Link: Revelation, We Have a Problem

Scot McKnight discusses the problem with the popular understanding of Revelation.

I recall guest teaching a Sunday School class on Revelation from the study guide I wrote (currently not available as I revise it). The major question from the class was when I was going to talk about the seven-year tribulation and whether I was pre, mid, or post-trib. When I said, “None of the above,” they still insisted that I teach a session on the tribulation.

Note that I believe there will be time(s) of trouble, what I do not believe in is the seven year tribulation and rapture separate from the second coming.

The revisions of my study guide include illustrations and putting a bit more explanation rather than just scripture and study questions, which was my original approach. I prefer studying scripture directly as much as possible. For a marketable study guide, I need a bit more explanation.

In the meantime, check out Scot McKnight’s notes.

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