Thinking – The Only Solution

When I talk to computer customers about security I tell them that I can protect them from many things, but in the end, I can’t fully protect them from the user who won’t follow good security practices. I can try to force the user to follow certain procedures, but as the old saying goes, “The reason it’s so hard to make anything foolproof is that fools are so ingenious!”

Today I had a post from the New York Times in my feed that suggested that users are being drawn into buying more expensive stuff by targeted advertising.

It’s likely they’re right. Ads, after all, are designed to make people spend money, often for things they cannot afford. It’s how our economy functions.

But then you get to the question of solutions. Should we restrict advertising because people will be led astray?

Which leads to the question: Should we regulate the media more so that people are not exposed to misinformation?

The problem is that even if you could find truly unbiased censors to filter out the crud, you’re unlikely to prevent people from getting bad ideas and “learning” things that just aren’t so.

Perhaps our world should come with the caveat that I put in my form regarding security service:

No amount of security can make up for a user who will not follow good procedures.

Which leads to:

No amount of adjusting the sources will make up for a reader who will not think.

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