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Reading the Bible Chronologically

A number of bloggers have responded to Marcus Borg’s article at the Huffington Post on reading the New Testament chronologically. Responses include Gaudete Theology, Bill Heroman, and Philip J. Long. I’d suggest reading those responses before reading my few comments. Here are some points that struck me: Borg contends that there is a trajectory of…

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What Makes a Doctrine (of Creation) Christian?

I put “of creation” in parentheses, because the question might be answered in similar ways for other doctrines. What follows is a short quote from a book, Creation: The Christian Doctrine by Edward W. H. Vick, my company is about to release. I’m doing a number of “final” things on it right now. This caught…


Michael Bird on Studying the Gospels

Michael Bird has a really excellent post on critical and faithful study of the gospels. I’m not going to extract from it, though my hat tip goes to Darrell Pursiful who extracted an excellent quote. I was reminded of a book my company published recently, From Inspiration to Understanding: Reading the Bible Seriously and Faithfully….

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It’s right for God to slaughter women and children anytime he pleases

The Christian Post has a portion of an interview with John Piper in response to the question: Why was it right for God to slaughter women and children in the Old Testament? How can that ever be right? And the first sentence of his answer is the title of this post. I can hardly tell…

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Imperfections in Scripture

Lee at The Dubious Disciple generously and kindly reviewed my book When People Speak for God. In that review, he included the following sentence: A discussion of inerrancy follows, and how Henry’s recognition of the Bible’s imperfections has not disturbed his reverence for God’s Word. Now before I discuss this line, let me emphasize that…