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Setting the Proper Priority for Tolerance as a Value

Every so often I have a conversation with someone who knows I value tolerance that goes something like this: Q: So you believe in tolerance? Me: (Heroically resisting the urge to tear apart the phrase “believe in x”) Yes, I value tolerance. Q: But then you have to tolerate intolerant people. Me: No, actually I…

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Free Speech, Appropriate Speech, and Communion Wafers

The incident in which a university student took a communion wafer from a Catholic church instead of eating it has stirred up an incredible amount of controversy. For background I’m going to link to just three posts, which in turn will allow you to find all the information you want on the incident and probably…

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Heresy Hunting with Closed Ears

Since I write frequently on minimizing the number of essential doctrines, and maximizing lines of communication, I just had to call attention to this blog, Herescope. It’s “About” tells the story: This non-interactive blog contains information revealing heresies and false teachings affecting the Church today. . . . [emphasis mine] Need I say more?

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The Joys and Sorrows of being ex-Seventh-day Adventist

I don’t actually view myself as “ex” anything, even though we all are ex-something and headed onward to something else, I hope. But I don’t shun contact with members of the church in which I grew up, and thus I sometimes have to deal with the default identity of ex-Seventh-day Adventist. Now don’t get me…