Of Christians and Ayn Rand
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Of Christians and Ayn Rand

There have been a number of articles recently discussing Ayn Rand and her Christian supporters and (supposed) followers. One of these is by Sheila Kennedy, who doesn’t do all that bad, though I still see things differently. Key Questions which I Might not Answer The key issues I encounter are: How can a Christian enjoy…

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Quote: Philosophers Talk in Obscure Ways

I thought of this quote as I was preparing for my study on John tonight: Philosophers sometimes appear to talk in obscure ways. They do so because they take into consideration what people often overlook. If a poet (Longfellow) can say, ‘things are not what they seem’, the philosopher will give reasons why. The fact…

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Unseemly Glee at the Unknown

What is it that makes Christians frequently rejoice when told that something is unknown? I received an e-mail today from Breaking Christian News, which discusses odd coincidences or perhaps weird happenings amongst organ transplant recipients. Now bluntly I don’t see that there is enough here to get excited about. I think the writers grossly underestimate…