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Review of Creation in Scripture by Herold Weiss

Hanz Gutierrez has reviewed Creation in Scripture by Herold Weiss on the Spectrum Magazine web site. Spectrum is published by the Association of Adventist Forums. Many may not realize that Dr. Weiss is Seventh-day Adventist, though he clearly differs with the officially proclaimed church view on creation. He describes his journey in another book, Finding…

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Energion Google Hangout on Air Tonight – Creation and Christianity

Tonight at 7:00 pm central time for the weekly Energion Google Hangout on Air I’ll be moderating a panel of four authors. You can find the event information on our Google+ page. The participants are: Dr. Herold Weiss, author of Creation in Scripture Dr. David Moffett-Moore, author of Creation in Contemporary Experience Dr. Robert D….

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Of Creation, Evolution, and Worship

There are few topics that get Christians more angry at one another than the subject of evolution. Those who accept a young earth (or young age for the universe) tend to think that those who accept the theory of evolution do it simply because they lack the faith to believe the Bible. To them, this…