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A Note on Hebrews 1:3 (Orthodox Study Bible)

I’ve said enough negative things about the Orthodox Study Bible that I need to mention when I find it quite helpful as well. Generally, this is when it is either quoting or referring to various church fathers. In the note on Hebrew 1:3a, “who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person …” The first half of v. 3 is quoted verbatim in the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great. The brightness of His glory…

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Study the Bible – Nutshell Version

From C. Michael Patton. This approach is a bit different from my own, but will provide a valuable basis to examine the way you approach the Bible. I am somewhat skeptical of the “timeless theology” phase, even though it’s necessary.

Dangers of Superficial Bible Study

I was reminded of this by two events during the last week.  First, the arrival of copies of my new book with co-author Rev. Geoffrey Lentz.  One of the things we emphasize in that book is hearing what the text is actually saying before trying to explain it.  This is a difficult task, probably impossible to get completely correct, but often discussions of Bible texts are carried on with very little reference to the actual texts.  Someone reads it, and…

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Informed Bible Study and Creationism

Bruce Alderman discusses a recent post by the Internet Monk on the topic of how learning to take the Bible more seriously (my summary) moved him away from young earth creationism. I empathize with the process. I find it interesting that people think that somehow the theory of evolution drove me to a less literal reading of Genesis. Now other than disliking the phrase “less literal,” I have to note that I changed my reading of Genesis before I took…

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Mosaic Study Bible Contest Closed

I have only four entries, but the contest is closed.  Thus, for the four of you who entered, I must say that 1 in 4 is a better chance than you are likely to get in any lottery. Considering the large number of reads of the relevant posts, I’m guessing my question put some people off, but that’s how it goes.  I will announce the winner on Wednesday afternoon, when I post the Christian Carnival, which I’m hosting here this…

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Bibles with a Viewpoint – The Green Bible

Those who read this blog regularly are probably already aware that I have mixed emotions about study Bibles.  I would say “love-hate relationship” but none of my feelings about study Bibles attains the level of “love.” Via Sun and Shield I found a review on First Things of The Green Bible.  I recommend reading the review.  I have not purchased, nor have I read, the Green Bible, and I don’t plan to.  None of my comments here are based on…

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Why Not Study the Bible?

You may think that a strange title for a post on  Bible study blog.  Obviously if you read this blog you must in some sense be interested in studying the Bible.  But I want to direct this question specifically to Christian education leaders in churches.  This is the time of year when curriculum is chosen.  Often new Sunday School classes or small groups are set up. In many churches most of these groups will study some topic relevant to daily…

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The Orthodox Study Bible: Wrap-Up (For the Moment)

I received the Orthodox Study Bible free from Thomas Nelson in their blogger book review program, and as I have been using it in my personal devotions and study for my lectionary notes, (which notes have languished during a very busy period), I have already written about it substantially. But just what does it mean to “read” a study Bible.  Should it mean to read through it from cover to cover, to use it as you normally read a study…

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Isaiah 64 in the Orthodox Study Bible

I’ve begun using the Orthodox Study Bible in my lectionary reading, which brought me to Isaiah 64 a couple of days ago.  It’s been that kind of a week, so I haven’t had time to comment on it until now. First, let me note that having a study Bible with an overtly Christological interpretation of the Old Testament makes for a nice bit of variety in my reading.  I do have a couple of others, but this one is quite unapologetic…

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