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Evolution Slate Outpolls Rivals – New York Times

Evolution Slate Outpolls Rivals – New York Times Intelligently designing voters designed a new school board. Though many votes were close, the sweep was apparently universal. I’m very pleased to see that the voters can make an intelligent decision like this. It is my hope that this becomes an example for the rest of the…

Must I Give My Life?

Your browser must not support the IFRAME tag! Does the command of Jesus to love one another mean that I have to give up my life? I’ve been involved in debating that issue over the last couple of weeks on the Compuserve Religion Forum.. It seems to me that the issue is not very debatable,…

The West Wing Debate

CNN.com – ‘West Wing’ candidates clash in live debate – Nov 7, 2005 I really enjoy The West Wing. As a show, while they have had many episodes I think were mediocre, they have also had shining moments in which they project an image of what politics could be like, and really should be like….