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Against Personal Freedom on the Left

Ed Brayton reports on a victory for FIRE against the University of Delaware, which had a diversity training seminar that was mandatory for all students. It was followed up by big brother style watch-dogging. Just in case some of us might get the idea that it is only right-wing ideologues who would like to indoctrinate…


Agreement on Spying

I sometimes wonder precisely what the purpose was of electing a Democrat-led congress, considering their track record. I’ve gotten a couple of notes from the ACLU on this, and also got it from the Washington Post today. My problem here is not that [tag]surveillance[/tag] does not need to occur in some cases. Rather, my question…

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Satellite Imagery Confirms Myanmar Atrocities

Those interested in the situation in [tag]Myanmar[/tag] (formerly Burma) will be interested in this story from ScienceNOW published by the AAAS. Researchers used high resolution images from commercial satellites to confirm a substantial number of reports of atrocities by the Burmese military. For those interested in taking action, see the U. S. Campaign for Burma.

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Salman Rushdie Knighted / Violent Reaction in Muslim World

Update: Or really, just a better reference. I think this story from MSNBC covers the ground better in a single article. I believe very strongly that we need to distinguish between radicals who want to kill us, and the very large number of Muslims who are peaceful people. But with the reaction to the knighting…