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Thinking about a Crucified God

Thinking about a Crucified God

My company, Energion Publications, recently released a book What’s God Really Like?. It’s endorsed by Brian Zahnd;

In What’s God Really Like?, S. J. Hill invites us to become fascinated by God and, in that fascination, to move beyond the fear-based themes that have so often distorted our image of God. With a focus on Jesus and Scripture, Hill paints a portrait of a God who is “holy wild” and overflowing with generous love and contagious joy. This book is a welcome and timely remedy to the unworthy portraits of God that have too often haunted our imaginations.

Brian Zahnd
Lead pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO
and author of

Another Energion author, Allan R. Bevere, posted the following video, a sermon by Brian Zahnd. I think all of these go well together!


A Narrow View of the Glory of God

A Narrow View of the Glory of God

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Peter Kirk links to Roger Olson on why he defends Love Wins. Now I haven’t read Love Wins and it isn’t on my reading list. The reason for this post is to comment on this (Peter quoting Roger Olson):

I think that is what offends critics of Love Wins–the suggestion that God doesn’t get what he really, perfectly wants.  That seems to them to demean God, to lessen his glory. …

And yes, I could have gone directly back to Olson’s post for the same quote. I suggest you do so, because Olson covers all this in more depth.

My major problem with Calvinism could be summarized by saying that it seems to me to force God to want something that humans can understand and accept. What if what God wants is a universe filled with creatures who can choose whether or not to love him? It may turn theologians’ brains into pretzels, but why should it be limiting to God’s glory to want that instead of to want what Calvinists prefer that he want?

It seems a very narrow few of God’s glory, and frankly strikes me as something more like a desire for God’s simplicity or comprehensibility, than one for God’s glory.

I can’t understand how a God who can set off the big bang and who knows the end from the beginning can also make creatures with choice. But I suspect he can.


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Changing Polls

Changing Polls

No, President Obama’s approval rating; the poll that I have in the right hand sidebar.  It has been there for more than 18 months, and surprisingly enough is still generating interest.  The last comment is dated December 19, 2009 and there have been quite a number.  You can see the results here.

 Who does God hate?  
Selection   Votes 
Everyone, because we are all sinners  3% 13 
Only unrepentant sinners  9% 40 
All non-Christians  2%
Those who have never said the sinner’s prayer  0%
Nobody, God loves everybody  77% 330 
Other (please comment)  9% 39 
431 votes total free polls

In case anyone wants to keep this poll alive even further past its sell-by date, I’m including the form as well:

Who does God hate?
Everyone, because we are all sinners
Only unrepentant sinners
All non-Christians
Those who have never said the sinner’s prayer
Nobody, God loves everybody
Other (please comment) free polls