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Voting in the Primary

Voting in the Primary

Well, I am a non-partisan voter, i.e. I am not registered with either of the major parties, and today was primary day here in Florida. I had a grand total of two items to vote on: A county commission race that would be decided by the primary, and an issue to vote on.

Whenever there is anything to vote on I show up at the polls. I am surprised at the way people flock to presidential elections, but stay away in off years and in minor races. The issue today had to do with our taxes. What will the turnout be? (Note: It was above average for a primary election when I went through the line, but still not great.)

There are those who don’t vote because it is their conviction that they shouldn’t. I have no quarrel with them. I can disagree but it doesn’t bother me that they make a different choice. What bothers me is those who do vote sometimes, but can’t be bothered with off-year, primary (as applicable), and local elections.

These local elections do matter, both in determining local policies, and it developing those who will likely move on to some of those higher offices.