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Swipe Board and Encore in Death

Just after I finished reading the latest In Death book, Encore in Death, Amazon pushed an ad to me for what looks like a swipe board. I’m sure this can’t be related. If I was doing office presentations, I think I’d love this, but then, unlike Eve Dallas, I love tech!

Speaking of which, I loved Encore in Death. Series tend to get a bit outrageous over time, as the author/creator tries to find new and more thrilling things for the lead characters to do, but this one was well-grounded and spent some decent time developing the characters.

I’m definitely not one to provide spoilers, other than noting that, unlike a couple of recent books (which I nonetheless liked), this one is well grounded and is much more grounded in the character of the people and less in either technology or globe-spanning conspiracies.

It’s well worth reading. And unlike the swipe board above, I’m providing the links so you can get your copy!

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