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My initial purpose in posting this document is to provide some examples of materials to study. Over time I will try to make it more comprehensive.


In various materials on the participatory method of Bible study I refer to the difference in how we interpret individual stories, series of stories (sometimes called story cycles), and histories. Very often a series of stories is incorporated into or even forms a history. This page provides a listing of some of the major examples of all three of these types of Biblical literature. Note that while I list quite a number of these, this list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all stories and histories in the Bible. It is a starting point for those who want to spend some time working on this particular type of literature.

I am including some examples from the apocrypha, not because I consider them equally inspired with the rest of the Bible, but because I regard them as worthwhile to study, and they also provide some extra literature on which to practice.

Major Histories

Minor Blocks of History


Church History

Individual, Separate Stories

See also Interpreting History, Interpreting Allegory, and Interpreting Stories.