Resources for Studying Paul

This page will include books, videos and other web pages that relate to my ongoing Thursday night video study of Paul. This page will expand over the next few days and weeks, but here is a start.

First, the playlist for my ongoing study on Paul (10/4/2016). I will add episodes to the list as I proceed.


This is the first of several interviews on the question “Who was Paul?” I’ll post others here as I conduct the interviews.

Dr. Bruce Epperly

Dr. Herold Weiss

Dr. Bob Cornwall

Dr. Thomas Hudgins

Pat Badstibner

Allan R. Bevere


Category The Apostle Paul on The Energion Publications store.

Galatians: A Participatory Study Guide – this book will provide the backbone for my study. We’ll follow the topics from here and supplement the study from other works.

Meditations on the Letters of Paul – this will be a constant reference.

Articles on the Web

Herold Weiss, Paul Did Not Teach Righteousness by Faith

Henry Neufeld, Faith Made Active through Love (from Threads from Henry’s Web).