Hebrew Transliteration Table

This is just a rough guide to what I use in loosely transliterating when writing blog posts.

Note: The names of the letters and markings in this table are themselves given using loose transliteration.

Hebrew Letter Precise Loose/Pronunciation
Aleph (not represented)
Beth (with dagesh) b b
Beth (no dagesh) b v
Gimel (with dagesh) g g
Gimel (without dagesh) g g
Daleth (with dagesh) d d
Daleth (without dagesh) d d
He h h
Waw/Vav w w
Zayin z z
Cheth h ch
Teth T t
Yod y y
Kaf k k
Lamed l l
Mem m m
Nun n n
Samek S S
Ayin ; ;
Pe (with dagesh) p p
Pe (without dagesh) f f
Tsade T ts
Qof q q
Resh r r
Shin s sh
Sin s s
Tav (with dagesh) t t
Tav (without dagesh) t th
Pathach a a
Qamets-a A a
Qamets-hatuf o a
Segol e e
Tsere E e
Shureq U u
Qibbuts u u
Holem O o
Vav or Yod as vowel letters w or y following the vowel not represented
He as vowel letter h following the vowel h following the vowel
Shewa (combined with any vowel) e a u o superscripted if represented