Revelation: A Participatory Study Guide - Front Cover
Revelation: A Participatory Study Guide – Front Cover

If you are interested in studying Revelation in order to outline the events that will occur at the end of the world, then this is very much not the study guide for you. In fact, you will probably hate it.

What this guide does instead is to look at Revelation for spiritual insights that are applicable to every day life. One can’t help thinking about the return of Jesus and the end of all things as we know them when studying Revelation. After all, the book is built around that scenario.

But there is also much that is applicable to a broad range of situations that we all face in our daily lives. There are lessons in spiritual warfare, about worship, about church order and discipline, about good and evil, and about God’s ultimate care and plan for all of us.

Revelation is also a very visual book. This study guide is divided into thirteen scenes based on transitional language in the text of Revelation that tells us about a change of perspective in the book itself. In the book you are invited to represent each of these scenes as your imagination guides you after reading and then to compare notes with others to get a fresh understanding of how these various scenes tie together.

You can find these scenes in the author’s translation and outline. This is an active study guide that invites all class members to be involved and to look, think, and visualize for themselves.

More information on the participatory Bible study method is available online.